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Welcome to Thursday, Mixed Doubles 2024 – 2025 League Prep!

We would like to alleviate some concerns about our plan to become a sanctioned league next year and we want to hear from you (our league has been sanctioned in the past).

IMPORTANT: If you decide not to return, we will be very sorry to see you go! We kindly ask you to please let us know as early as possible as we make every effort to maintain a full league of 16 teams.

NEW IN FALL 2024: Cost is $24/week. You may request online access to your league fees so you will know what you have paid to date and what you owe as the season progresses. This amount will be private to you and not visible to any other league bowlers. (per team, not per bowler)

Thank you from your 2024 league officers!
President: Rob
Vice President: Dave
Secretary: Diane
Treasurer: Cathy


2024 – 2025 Thursday Mixed Doubles Survey

2024-2025 Thursday Mixed Doubles Bowling League
Do you support becoming a sanctioned league? (Before answering, see below: "Why we think becoming a sanctioned league is important")
Will you return for the 2024/2025 season if we do not become a sanctioned league?
Will you return for the 2024/2025 season if we become a sanctioned league?
How should we pay the one time fee of $25 per person? If you pay for USBC in another league, you do not have to pay in our league.

2024-2025 Wait List

Do you know a mixed doubles team who may be interested in joining our league? List will be prioritized on a first come first serve basis.

Why we think becoming a sanctioned league is important.
To protect our investments and ensure a fair and professionally run league, we have listed the reasons our officers have unanimously voted to become sanctioned.

  • League bonding protection: When our officers prepare your prize money, we are responsible for carrying $10,000 in cash to multiple locations over the course of one week. This creates anxiety for our team for fear of loss or robbery. USBC provides free bonding to protect your prize money against misuse, robbery, and burglary.
  • USBC rules protection
  • Help available for league problems and issues
  • Have a certified USBC average
  • High score awards for first lifetime 300 game, 11‐in‐a‐row game, 800 series and option to purchase awards for additional high score bowled; bowlers with multiple 300 games or 800 series can opt to purchase award
  • Awards ‐ Recognition for bowling achievements
  • Eligibility to bowl in sanctioned leagues and tournaments

SUMMARY: it is important to note that the USBC league rules are designed to ensure that all bowlers are treated fairly and that the game is played in a consistent manner across all leagues. This includes rules for scoring, lane conditions, equipment, and player conduct.

One of the most important rules in USBC League play is the requirement for all bowlers to use USBC-approved equipment. This includes bowling balls, pins, and other accessories. The USBC maintains a list of approved equipment on its website, and bowlers are responsible for ensuring that their equipment meets these standards.

When it comes to lane conditions, the USBC sets guidelines for oil patterns and lane maintenance. These guidelines are designed to ensure that the playing field is level for all bowlers and that no one has an unfair advantage. The USBC also mandates that all league play must take place on lanes that meet certain minimum standards for length, width, and other factors.